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1.Maeshika Mukanee
2.Kinou Yori Motto Suki(Smiling Lions)
3.Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita(Beauty Giraffes)
4.Maeshika Mukanee off vocal ver.
5.Kinou Yori Motto Suki off vocal ver.
6.Kimi no Uso wo Shitteita off vocal ver.

1.Maeshika Mukanee Music Video


2014.01.28 99 Answer
Sayaka talked about her family’s poverty in the past

- Sayaka’s father is Japanese, her mother is Filipino. Her father didn’t work at all, only her mother worked day and night to make ends meet.
She never once received any money allowance from her parents.

- There were times when they didn’t have any money left, so it was obvious that gas and electricity were cut.
At night when it became dark, they had to burn paper on a dish to get some light.
In the winter, they still had to take bath with cold water.

- For meals, they always waited until after 19:00 when super market discount 50% all their meal boxes. When they weren’t able to get any of those, they ate plain white rice with soy sauce. Her favorite dish was plain white rice with grated radish and soy sauce.

- Because she never had her mother make lunch box for her, so it was always onigiri from the convenience store. When having lunch with others, she was the only one happily eating her onigiri while other having their pretty lunch boxes.

- She always bought her clothes from the flea market. You can buy 5-6 pieces with just 500 yen. That’s why until lately, she still felt nervous going to the shopping mall. Because she didn’t know if it’s okay for her to buy expensive clothes.

- Schools change textbooks times to times. Of course Sayaka didn’t have enough money to buy renew textbooks, but she wanted to study, so she picked up textbooks others had already thrown away.

- When she just joined AKB48, she had to travel everyday from Chiba to Tokyo, and it took around 2000 yen (~20$) for transportation, so she had to do more part-time job to have money to go to AKB lessons (the lessons themselves are free).

- When AKB had works in the studio or so, staffs usually prepared meal boxes and drinks for members. There were times when some members didn’t eat, Sayaka got all the left-overs and brought them home. Staffs also knew about her family’s situation so sometimes they gather left-overs and drinks for her.
Her family stored the left-overs in the fridge and ate them for 2 weeks.
Her mom was so happy when she brought meals home.

- Only until 2~3 years ago did she start to earn enough money for her to live alone and send money home to support her family.
But lately, when she came back home, she was surprised to find her family’s home has become more and more luxury XDD The fridge has been upgraded and the house looks like Bali island, decorating in total oriental style LOL

- Her father still doesn’t work now.
The other day he was drunk, bumped into a pillar and was taken to hospital.
When asked why he doesn’t work, he said “No, I’m no good. I’m this kind of person already so Sayaka, you please try your best instead!”

- When asked if Sayaka has anything she respect or like about her father,
She said even though her dad couldn’t teach her anything about study at school, but he has taught her many things else.
Like how he always says “Thank you” and “Sorry” to his children.
Even though they didn’t have much food, but he always gave his food for his children, like “You can have dad’s portion too!”

- Because she’s Filipino-Japanese, she used to be bullied and called “Half-breed! Filipino!”
Her dad actually worried about that, so when he came to school to picked her up, he made a fuss “Who is the kid that call my daughter half-breed! My daughter is wayyyy smarter and more beautiful than your son!!!”
He never once told her “You are no good!”
Even when she was bullied and called “Gorilla!”
He said “You are the cutest gorilla in this world!”

- Even though SayaPapa’s sense is a bit odd, but his love for children and how he wants to build a family with all members really shows.
Sayaka said “Even though my family might not be wealthy, but I have been supported so much by Akimoto family.”


Sayaka’s tweet after the show has been aired


I’m glad I was born into Akimoto family.
I know it’s still too soon to talk about Akimoto family now, but this is the path I’ve walked so far.
We didn’t start with a lot of money, but I will devote myself from now on to stock up for this family.

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AKB48 2013 Manatsu no Dome Tour

2013.08.22 Tokyo Dome 1st Day

from Fukuoka Dome Concert~

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